The last model year for the Chevy Avalanche was 2013.  Ed has recently traded his 2008 Avalanche for a 2011, and hopes to keep the new one in operation for as long as possible.

Ed Kaspriske

2011 Avalanche
The 2011 Red Avalanche, Ed's most recent.
2011 Avalanche front view
This is a front view of Ed's 2011 Avalanche, mounted horns showing.
2011 Avalanche horn rack, back.
Photo shows backs of Ed's M5 on the left, his standard air horn in the middle, and M3 on the right..
Bed of 2011 Avalanche shows air setup
The 2011 Avalanche with the airhorn setup in the bed.
Cab of 2011 Avalanche
Inside the cab, with the new setup.
Ed's newest air compressor setup.
Under hood Oasis compressor.