Airhorns of the Pennsylvania Railroad

The first generation of diesel locomotives to come to the PRR. From many builders, were equipped with Leslie A-200 156, Westinghouse E-2's, Nathan M-3's, but there were many variations as well, Older Leslie Typhon 3c,s were used, as well as Westinghouse E2-B1, A2's, and other diesel airhorn types.

The following pictures give you an idea of the different types of horns showing up on the various diesel models. 

PRR. ABF 18z 9632, a very unique locomotive, This Baldwin "Shark" re engined with an Alco 1800 251 as an experiment. Perhaps this is why she carried a Westinghouse E2-B1 with a reversed bell. Very unusual. Photo by Martin S. Zak.

PRR. AF-16 9609, has a Leslie Typhon 3c mounted. Photo in J. Michael Gruber collection.

PRR. BH 50z 5814, carries a retro fitted Nathan M-3, these locomotives were originally delivered with Westinghouse E-2,s. Photo by Martin S. Zak.

PRR. BF-15 9579, sports a Leslie A-200 156 honker. Photo by Herbert H. Hartwood.

PRR. EF-15 9519, equipped with a Westinghouse E-2, somewhat unusual, as these came with Leslie A-200,s for the most part. Photo by John D. Hahn Jr.

PRR. BP-20 5779, with a Leslie S-3L, which replaced the Leslie A-200 she came with. Photo by Richard S. Short Jr.

PRR. EF-15 9808, with a Leslie Typhon 3c. Photo by John D. Hahn Jr.

PRR. EF-15 9504, carries her as delivered Leslie A-200 156. Photo by. John D. Hahn Jr.

PRR. FF-20 9456, carries her as built Leslie A-200 156. David R. Sweetland Collection.

PRR. AF-16 9416, with a Nathan M-3. The M-3 was by far the most common horn in the PRR. in early days. Photo by Louis A. Marre.

PRR. FF-16 9449, carries a Nathan M-3. The "C Liners" came with M-3's, carried them to the end. Photo by H. N. Proctor.

PRR. AF-16 9616, with a Leslie S-3K, this application was some what unusual. Photo by Kerry L. Jury.

PRR. FS-12 8337, carries a Westinghouse E2-B1, this 3 chime horn made it to many PRR. Locomotives, especially the Baldwin model's. Photo by William A. Raia.

PRR. EFP-15 9837, with her Nathan M-3. Some of this class received Leslie S-3L,s. Photo by John D. Hahn.

PRR. FS-24 8706, as most of the Trainmasters came with, the Leslie S-3L,s. Photo in Sweetland collection. PRR. FS-12 8708, sporting a Leslie S-3L. Photo in the Young / Ardinger collection.