Ed's Horn and Video Productions

Ed Kaspriske has a line of brochures available that list video and sound productions. You will find a purchase order to fill out at the bottom of this page. The check may only be made out to Ed Kaspriske, as neither Horns Inc. nor OhWell Productions are businesses, propriatorships, or chartered corporations. Ed does not accept credit cards. The brochures are roughly 170k each in size, and can be printed on standard 8 1/2 by 11 stationery.

Regarding the purchase of rail related CD's and DVD's that are made at home.

Due to much variation in CD / DVD technology, Home made CD, and DVD's may, or may not play on your equipment.

As an example, I record in DVD+ R, and CD-R, which is what my equipment does. The Plus +, and the Minus -, make all the difference, some players will support both format's, some will not.This is much like back when video tape first came out, there was VHS. And Beta. You needed separate machines to play each one.I suspect this is a money thing with the manufacturers, some day they will settle on one format (hopefully).

So, you need to know if your player will support DVD+R, or minus R, or your CD player will support plus or minus as well, the CD players are more forgiving than the DVD players. You can find this information in your instruction manual. Again I repeat, the + (plus) and - (minus) make all the difference! 

Than there's the issue of playing them on your home PC. In my case, my created CD's will play on my PC, because that's what they were created on. My DVD+R's won't, because they were created on a DVD recorder. So (once again) as you can see, there are presently many variations in this technology. Most reputable DVD Home creators such as myself offer a money back deal if things don't work on your equipment, or a VHS.or audio cassette replacement. 

HORNS INC. Videos:

We are in the process of updating our video and audio production offerings. Please visit frequently for updates.

Horns Inc. I: Horns & Whistles on the CSX, Black River & Western Days, The Diesel Airhorn

Horns Inc. II: Horseshoe Hoot N Toot 2007, Diesel Airhorns in 2006 Volume 1, Collector Horns on the Reading & Northern, Williams Grove Hoot N Toot

Horns Inc. III: Diesel Airhorns in 2006-07 Volume 2, Diesel Airhorns in 2007 Volume 3, Diesel Airhorn get together, a West Virginia Diesel Airhorn Honk, Oak Ridge Horn Assembly III Plus


Productions I: Steam Returns to the Reading & Northern, R&N's Pacific 425, Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Division, Vintage Norfolk & Western Class A & J

Productions II: A Trip to the Harrisburgh Area, Railroading the CSX, WMSR, NS; Railroading the CSX The Return, The Genessee Valley Transportation Alco's, The Narrrow Gage, more Steam Returns to the Reading & Northern

Productions III: Conrail 1997-98, Reading & Northern Rides Again, Pennsylvania Steam Locomotive Treasures

Productions IV: Steam, Steam & Alcos to the GAP, CPR 2317 to the GAP, Railfest at Altoona 2007, Railfest in North Eastern Pennsylvania, Early Years of the Reading & Northern