Ed retired his 2002 Avananche for a brand new 2008 honking rig!

Ed Kaspriske

The 2002 Red Avalanche is no more, it was replaced in January, 2008 with this 2008 Avalanche.
Ed has set up this Avalanche to sound diesel locomotive horns similar to the old truck. Mounted are a Burnette M-5, and a Holden M=3H.
Ed with his 2008 Avalanche, mounted is a unique Leslie: An RS-3P.
The Avalanche at her first official demonstration. The grand opening of the Reading Technical & Historical museum demonstrating Reading Diesel airhorns.
Looking down on the Avalanche one can see the air receiver in the bed. This is made to be removed when not in use.
The air reciever, horn valve, hook up installed with a Nathan P-5, and EMD. Bell
Grahmn White valve, and selection valves set up on consol
Under hood Oasis compressor set up