Links to other horn-related web sites

Welcome To Eric Miller's Nathan Airchime, Airchime, and Leslie Diesel Electric Locomotive Air Horn's from the 1940's to the 1990's. This is Eric Miller's personal diesel air horn collection.

Locomotive Horns: Author Matt Donnelly rigged up his Dodge pickup truck with his personal horn collection. There are some sound files available.

Trainiax Guide to Locomotive Horns: This is a short guide to Leslie and Nathan air horns. However, the site has much more as you dive in deeper. Included are rather long recordings of train movements and descriptions of the locomotives pulling the consists.

Union Pacific's guide to Locomotive Horn Signals: This is a short guide that Union put out for the general public, regarding the signals locomotive engineers use to communicate with their crews and people in the vicinity via their locomotive horns.

horn-whistle-board: Hoot's horn site

There are two Yahoo groups that pertain to locomotive airhorns and whistles. They are as follows:

horn/whistle Yahoo Group: This group focuses on both locomotive airhorns and steam whistles

Trainhorns Yahoo Group: The main area of interest here is in locomotive horns.

Links to other sites of interest

Railroad Signaling and Communications: Your complete guide and museum for signaling devices used on railroads. You will learn about crossing signals, semaphores, position light signals, color position signals, pedistal signals, dwarf signals, relays, teletype machines, towers, traffic lights, neon lights, sirens, and lots of other goodies. If you like signals, this is the place to be!