Stay tuned for updates, new rigs comming!

All these horn honking rigs can be seen and heard on video from Oh Well Productions/Horns Inc. Happy tootin'!

Ed Kaspriske

Ed's old Avalanche next to Sherry's former Durango.  This photo was taken many years back, before Ed acquired his current truck.
Ed Kaspriske and Elwood Belknap
Ed K. With his Avalanche all set up. Jodie Wells next to her honking rig. The truck is equipped with a fitting on the tailgate that allows for static testing of horns before mounting.
Jeff Bavitz's Ram equipped to sound diesel airhorns.
Sherry's Durango equipped to sound horns. This is also a show truck.
Elwood Belknap's rig, Elwood has been doing the runby's since 1987.
A classic! Bill Williamson's Canadian Chevy which he calls 5 chime.
JR Steven's & Co. High Iron Ford. Like Eric's Silverado, it is equipped for nitrogen.
Eric Mark's Silverado: This is Eric's new nitrogen equipped rig. Unlike the former Astro Honker, this can take two horns.
The Moyer Ford Dualee: This truck pulls a trailer-mounted compressor equipped with a John Deere diesel engine. It is capable of continuously sounding a steam whistle under air, as if it were on an actual steam locomotive. And, an M5 horn at the same time!
Andy Jobb's Rat Rod Ford and Tom Mugnano's Mighty Mouse in the background on the left.
Ed's new 2008 Avalanche. Read more about it here
Ed K.'s old Avalanche armed, and dangerous with a Nathan M-5, and a Leslie RS-3J (retuned RS-3L) with an EMD. Locomotive bell. This has since been traded in for a new Avalanche.